Saturday, October 6, 2012


Welcome to my space! I'm Miss Roberts. I've been a child care teacher since 2005. I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog about my adventures in child care for a while now. This year I'm finally doing it!

I'm planning on sharing my projects and board ideas with you. My philosophy behind child care is to make it worth the money that the parents spend on sending their kids to our program. I want it to be as warm and comfortable a place as possible. I try to take the time to talk with my kids and really get to know them. I have kindergartners and first graders so I feel that I have them in an integral time of their school experience and I do my best to make it as enjoyable as possible. Imagination and "playtime" were always important at my house growing up so I try to incorporate that as much as I can during my time with my kids. I want to keep my students "kids' as long as possible.

My favorite thing to do with my kids is art projects. I always encourage them to be unique and make each project their own. I read in a book somewhere that when asked in the 1st grade how many students thought of themselves as artists, almost the entire class raised they're hand. Ask the same class the same question in 5th grade and only a handful of students raised they're hands. I want to prolong that as long as possible and make every kid think of themselves as artists. I try to help them tap into they're creativity as much as possible.

So there's a little about me and my philosophy on my time with my students. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration and ideas for your own classroom! Pin It

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