Saturday, October 6, 2012

::September's Past::

As my first official child care related post I'm going to share my September boards from the last 2 years as well as the one I did for this year. I always have a lot of fun doing bulletin boards. I love the opportunity to show case my student's work and to show our parents that we really do things with their kids when they're with me. So here's my "September's past:" 
 September 2010- I love photography so this was a fun/silly way to incorporate that. I punched the camera's and film strips at my local "ESC" (educational service center) and put pictures of the kids in my group in each camera.

 September 2011- This one I was a little less thrilled with. I felt it was kind of boring, but we sure had fun making our frogs. I was really into paint projects last idea why but this one jump started it all (no pun intended).
September 2012- We made "boot-leg" smores. I had wanted to use fun foam for the smores but alas, we didn't have the colors I needed so we used felt and cotton balls. Hey- it got the point across! 
Here's a close up of our "smores."  

Can't wait to share more things with you!
I've got a lot of projects and posts to write about so I'll be seeing you soon!
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