Wednesday, October 10, 2012

::October Board::

October kind of snuck up on me. At our site we switch boards every month. We rotate who gets the front board to keep everything fresh and showcase each groups things. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to go about this month's board. Usually I've thought ahead a couple weeks and planned out what I want to do so that I'm ready when we switch, but this month it totally cut me off guard. Eventually I settled on doing a "monster mash" board. It's not my most glamorous board but I think it's kinda cute...well at least the kids projects are. 

We made spiders, "monsters," and "mummies." 
(side note: Dollar Tree has lots of teacher supplies- the letters on this board are from the dollar tree, I also bought metallic boarders which I'm particularly excited about). ;)
Here's the monster that I made as an example.
Here's my groups "monsters." I was really happy with how they turned out. 
Each one is different and adorable. 
Here's some of my favorites- We'll just call it the monster hall of fame :)
Our monsters are painted toilet paper rolls. I traced arms and feet for the kids to cut out. I cut out the mouths for them because it was easier and faster for me to do it. I like to give a certain amount of freedom when we do projects so I let them pick out whatever color they wanted for their noses and any amount of eyes up to 4. They also had the option to add stripes or polka dots to their creatures. Plus they got to pick out the color they wanted to paint they're monster.
Here's the mummies. They were easy. We wrapped 2-3 strips of white paper around a toilet paper roll and added 2 google eyes. Easy as pie! I've seen it done with gauze or ripped paper strips but we just stuck with strips of paper. 
 These are our spiders. Typically I would have had the kids paint these but I just wasn't up for a paint project so we opted for the quicker (and much easier to clean up) marker project. We took a single egg carton cup and colored it black. I punched 2 holes on either side for the legs. We used pipe cleaners that the kids pushed through both holes and then bent to make spider legs. Then the eyes and I tied a string from the middle so that I could hand them from the ceiling.

I'll share some of our stuff from the last week as well as some of my projects from past years in the coming weeks. We're getting into my favorite part the year here. I always get excited to do fall and winter art projects because they're my favorite seasons; so I'm excited to share with you! 

Peace out peeps! 
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