Sunday, October 14, 2012

::Spooky Time::

I don't know how many of you have the opportunity to hang things from your ceiling, but I'm a big fan. BIG FAN. I love hanging things from our ceiling. Springtime, Wintertime, Fall time, things are going up! This year I decided on bats. I'm not really into Halloween. Never really have been. But I'm always down to make our room look festive. So bats it was. Here's our batty collection (directions after the jump).
This is my bat.

 Here's my flock of bats...I have no idea what a pack of bats is called so I'm just going to call it a flock lol! ;)
 Here's the batty hall of fame!
 This little missey wanted to add red eyes to make it more spooky and somehow managed to put the wings on upside down...actually a surprising amount of kids put their wings on upside down. How does that happen!?
This one's simple. We rolled black construction paper around a toilet paper roll (you could paint but I didn't want the clean-up). Then I had the kids cut out the eyes, nose, teeth, and wings. They glued them on and used marker to draw the eyes and nostrils. You could use google eyes but we happened to be out so this was my back-up plan (PS...Dollar eyes. All sizes. One dollar. SCORE)! I hung string from the back and then hung them from the ceiling. Golden!
I'll add a link to my PDF stencil cutouts for the wings, eyes, nose, and teeth tomorrow...I just haven't gotten around to scanning them in yet.

Peace Out Homies!
Tomorrow I'll show you my past October boards! Pin It

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