Wednesday, October 17, 2012

::October Boards of the Past::

Well apparently I don't have a picture of last years board (so sad)! Maybe I should change the title to "October BOARD of the Past." hehehe! But here's my board from 2 years ago. Those spider webs were a pain in the rear to put up by my lovely co-worker helped me and it really made the board fun. Sorry its not a very good picture, I took it with my very old cell phone.
We did a marble roller project. I love doing these! They turn out so wonderful! Unfortunately when we were doing this I didn't have any black construction paper so I had to use tissue paper. That was such a pain because the paper was so thin and it kept rolling with the marble. But we made it through and had some pretty awesome pictures to hang up. I added little spiders to their pictures to really get the point across. 

If you've never done marble painting before its very simple. You need a pan with sides on it (like a jelly roll pan or brownie pan- any pan with at least a 1/2 inch side is good), a marble, paper, and paint. You put the paper on the bottom of the pan and then dip the marble in your paint. Put the marble in the pan and tip the pan back and forth to get the marble rolling. You can use as many colors as you like, even add a little glitter. They always turn out great no matter what you do.

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