Thursday, February 28, 2013

::Random Acts of Kindness Week::

In February we participated in "Random Acts of Kindness Week." We made a popcorn treat for each of the kid's teachers. Since we had a lot of repeats, I encouraged the kids to give them to the school secretary, the janitor, or the principle. 

In doing this, I realized how much of our program and the kids life is geared toward them. We've created a very nurturing and homelike environment but it that it's very self driven. Everything we do is for the kids and there is not a lot of gratitude or giving that we expect from the kids. Of course we expect "thank you's" and sharing but that really doesn't promote a giving heart. 

I say all this because NOT ONE kid was excited to give these to their teacher. Every single kid wanted to keep the treat for themselves. It made me sad and realize that we need to change that. We need to focus less on self.  
 Here's the treats we made. I popped popcorn and the kids used melting chocolate to cover the popcorn and then they mixed in m&m's. It was a simple, tasty project. I hope at least some of them made it to the teachers.

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