Thursday, February 28, 2013

::Book Review - Peter Brown::

I want to start a new series. I love reading and always have. I still enjoy reading children's book and am always on the lookout for books with great illustrations. My mom is a librarian, so for me it's like a kid in a candy store, every time I go to visit, I find more books that I love. That also means the last time Scholastic had a warehouse sale we went and I found a pile of books I couldn't live without!

While we were at Scholastic I found a book called "Chowder." It's written and illustrated by Peter Brown. I love his illustrations, they're wonderful! Lot's of hidden details that really make the story come alive. I read "Chowder" to my kindergartners at work and they were laughing the entire time. His stories are a little sophisticated but if you take the time to point out the illustrations while reading it makes them much funnier and easier to understand for the younger kids.
Chowder isn't your average dog. Chowder spends his days on the computer, dancing with his headphones, and using his telescope. When a petting zoo opens, he makes new friends who accept him for his goofy self
 This is a wonderful story for "earth day" or for a garden unit. It really reminded me of "The Lorax" because it's about a boy who discovers a secret garden in a city that doesn't have any plants. He nurtures the garden and helps it grow.  
We've been having a lot of issues with my kindergarten girls with bossiness and friendship. So when I read this book, I knew we needed to read it to them. (PS...they have this bear (Lucy) in a stuffed animal, so cute)! Lucy the bear is on a mission to make a new friend. Through a series of accidents she ruins every potential friendship she encounters throughout the day, until an unlikely companion finds her. 

If you get a chance to read one of Peter's books, you've got to do it! Make sure you really look at every page! You don't want to miss anything! 
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