Monday, January 14, 2013

::Blog Lovin::

Have you heard of Bloglovin? If you're an avid blog reader, it's the best thing ever! I read and follow a lot of blogs of all sorts. I love being inspired by other people and it challenges me to be more creative. However I used to only follow my blogs through my blogger account and that was kind of annoying to be honest. I didn't like that you don't really get a preview of the post and everything is just jumbled together.

Bloglovin, however, is a dream. You get a preview of the post with pictures included, you can like posts so that you can quickly reference things you enjoyed reading, and you can organize all the blogs you follow by genre. You can also mark a post as read if it doesn't look like something you want to read. It's awesome. Oh...and they have an app! So you 'll never get behind on your blogs!

If you're an avid blog reader, I really suggest you try out bloglovin. It'll revolutionize the way you read blogs. You can even follow this blog on the site. Just search for Miss Robert's Room on the bloglovin website or click the link on the side of my blog.

Happy Monday friends!
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