Wednesday, November 14, 2012

::Scarecrow Project::

I told you I'd probably be adding something else to my board soon and I came up with a cute scarecrow that I thought would be it...but did not make it to the bulletin board (although they are very proudly displayed throughout our classroom). ;) 
This project was so simple, it's almost silly. Its made from paper lunch bags and construction paper. I like scarecrows because you can make them in October and keep them up through November. If you want to make this art project I created a template for you to print. Just save the image, print, and trace away! 
Scarecrow Hall of Fame:
 This little guy got confused...he made his cheeks into eyes. lol
Here's my template for the scarecrow. I would print it on card stock so that it can withstand multiple tracing (I usually do that so that I can save the pieces for future projects). 

Happy Wednesday! 
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