Friday, November 2, 2012

::Eye-Spy DIY::

This next project I wish I would have thought of on my own, but pintrest to the rescue once again! I made an "eye spy" bottle for down time when there's not a lot of kids there to play with. The funny part is that the other staff got in on the game to see if they could find everything on the list. I think this would also be a good restaurant or car game to keeps idyll minds occupied!

Here's what ya need: some kind of clear bottle or jar (I used a VOSS water bottle because I like the way they look). Make sure the the bottle is completely dry before you start filling it with your goods; I also took the label off so that you could use all sides of the bottle on your quest to find all the items on the list. 
Next you'll need rice or salt to be a filler and a bunch of mini items for the kids to search for. I used buttons, felt cut outs, and other miscellaneous items. I typed out my list and laminated it so that it could withstand lots of use.

Start by adding some of your filler and then add a couple of your "eye spy" items. Then add more filler and more items, repeat these steps until you've filled the almost the whole bottle. I left a little room at the top so that the filler could shift around. Finally seal the lip of your bottle with some hot glue or E6000 and close up the cap so that it doesn't pop open and make a mess!

I tied my list to the lip of the bottle so that it's always attached (you should probably do that before you seal the cap so that it's nice and tight on the bottle). Simple and easy project. This could easily be a fun project to do with kids, which makes it all the more enjoyable after its finished. 

Here's the list of items I put in my bottle:
Red Star Button
Orange Button
Red Cherry
Pink Flower
Wooden Apple
Green House
Wooden Gingerbread Man
Snowman Button
Brown Flower
Green Star
Rubber Band
Pink Feather
Red Jumping Bean
Blue Star
Pink Ribbon
Yellow Heart
(a fake one is best because real leaves will dry out and crumble in your bottle)
Bow Tie Pasta
Wagon Wheel Pasta

Peace out guys!
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