Sunday, May 12, 2013

::Zoomer - Book Review::

I recently discovered the "Zoomer" books by Ned Young. I am in love. They're wonderfully crafted stories with imagination and creativity. Currently Young has only two "Zoomer" books published but they are MUST reads. The illustrations are packed with little secrets and every page is magical. You're sure to find something new every time you read it. The illustrations are the sort of surrealism of the 50's I love. They completely transform the stories words into a stimulating visual exploration.
It was a joy for me to read the stories and point out the little details to my kindergarten class (trust me, there are many to choose from!). I love the  fact that even though Zoomer's two older brothers don't share his enormous imagination, it never stops Zoomer from building fantastic creations. I hope my class caught on to that and are willing to dream up stories as big as Zoomer's. His imagination is perhaps my favorite part of the book.
The books humorous story line will keep children captivated and willing to read these stories over and over again. Ned Young is a self-taught illustrator and painter. He began his career in illustrating calendars and things of that nature. I'm so glad he took the leap into children's literature, I'm looking forward to more installments for the collection. Pin It

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